When and Why to hire a Tourist Guide

BPFA4There are specific destinations, situations and places where tourists need a loca tourist guide. Despite the fact that many travellers do not like the idea of that company, it is sometimes necessary to count on the presence of someone specialized during a tour.

Thus, we decided to give some reasons why and when to hire a local tourist guide for a trip or an excursion. Let’s see…

Tourist Guides: Why travellers do have to consider them


  • Although visitors can study, investigate or read about a given destination, hiring these professionals offer ‘something extra’. That something extra is reflected in detailed and entertaining explanations, anecdotes, unknown stories. In this way, the tourist guide interprets the places visited so that tourists can understand and consequently enjoy them in a different way.

  • Tourist guides can provide very useful recommendations for the traveller. Tips ranging from places to visit, places to eat and shops to places to avoid. They can give advice on security issues, about saving money and tell secrets known only to the locals.

  • Travellers do have to consider guides because they help to design the itinerary, optimizing time, since time, as we know, during a trip, is truly important and knowing how to spread it is fundamental.

  • During an outing, trip or a visit, problems can arise and the presence of a guide means that he/she will be the one responsible to fix it so that the traveller only enjoy and does not have to worry about.

  • There are certain tourist attractions which can only be accessed with a tourist guide.

  • Guides usually have priority access to certain frequently-visited tourist attractions with endless queues. Thus, if the visitors do not want to suffer long waits but want to have the word of a specialist in the field, hiring a guide is a good choice.

  • Different languages may be a barrier when travelling to a destination where another language is spoken. But if visitors are doing the excursion with a guide who speaks their language, the barrier turns into a bridge and they will be able to interact with local people and to know more about the place.

  • As there are thematic trips, there are also guides who are specialized in a particular subject, for example, in different activities or in the interpretation of flora, fauna, climate and geology, or history. For this reason, it is sometimes interesting to have the word and experience of these professionals in order to make the trip a richer experience.

  • The possibility of being in contact with local guides and volunteers is an ideal and different option for those who are not convinced by the idea of hiring a guide. They are individuals who accompany the travellers and make them live a different experience, that is, visiting the tourist attraction as if were local people. Therefore, travellers can get to know the corners which are only visited by those living in that place, can know secrets, restaurants and enjoy unique experiences.

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